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Six track EP CD featuring:

  • Bleak
  • Cage Of Lions
  • Rituals
  • Light Them Up
  • Collisions
  • Time To Leave


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11 reviews for EP 1 CD

  1. Jeanette Wheaton (verified owner)

    Fantastic ep enjoyed every track on it. Worth every penny spent.

  2. Doug Ford (verified owner)

    Really enjoying listening to this EP. Neon Fields have real talent with a very original sound. One of my better purchases this year.

  3. Amanda guest (verified owner)

    I love this band and the music. Im a new follower but i have brought this EP and its amazing.
    Definitely worth buying.
    I highly recommend this band to everyone.

  4. Aida St. John (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a band that has a fresh and original sound that’s riveting, Neon Fields is the one to check out! Their music is so amazing to hear. I’m so thrilled they released this EP on CD! I highly recommend a listen, you’ll be happy you did.

  5. Ellie Walkerdine (verified owner)

    Neon Fields have a unique sound, each track is full of emotion and listening to their music is like going on an adventure with them, it is such a pleasure to listen to. My favourite track so far is Collisions. These guys are making really great music, definitely recommend listening to them!

  6. Eri (verified owner)

    I discovered the band 3 months ago by listening to a few songs online on recommendation. I didn’t know what to expect. I was really touched and I have to admit that after so many years of listening to music it’s not that easy to impress me. Ed`s voice fits perfectly with the songs / melodies and the style. Just listen for yourself and let yourself be carried away into the world of Neon Fields. Amazing EP! Love it!

  7. Mitchell Williams

    Listening to this E.P Album again while writing this review, it’s not a genre or style that anyone can easily compare it to, and that’s a really good thing! It’s something new, exciting and filled with emotion. Ed’s voice is AMAZING! as much as it is powerful to hear, it’s also very relaxing to listen to. There is some really technical stuff going on with both the synth/guitar player and drummer, and it’s a joy to hear them both work together to create a work of art. I really like Neon Fields and cannot wait to hear more from this awesome 3 piece band. Great first Album release guys!! a great success. Keep it up Ed, Piers and Luke!!

  8. Jim Mason (verified owner)

    Great. Can’t wait to see them live. Soundscapes are epic. Turn up that symphony

  9. Eric (dalpalwho) (verified owner)

    I found this band randomly when looking for new music and I can honestly say that I’m glad I did because they’re amazing. This album is on constantly! If I could rate more, I would! Thanks guys! X

  10. Tim Howell (verified owner)

    Neon Fields are a breath of fresh atmospheric air. Each track is a different journey into their realm. Moody & powerful. Well thought out album. Great work for their debut release!!

  11. Jon (verified owner)

    Neon fields are ultimately the best group around at this very time ,Ed barret fabulous gorgeous vocals are sublime the music is mesmerising and takes you there, I’ve been a fan since I heard the epic light them up it’s atmosphere and vocals are on point this will be there break through single, this ep is absolutely on point and Ed barret your vocals are truly horny I’m your no 1 support.

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